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Exploring your pre-professional pathways? Take a look at our FAQs below, and reach out to an admissions counselor to learn more about your options.


  • Doctor
  • Dentist
  • Lawyer
  • Pharmacist
  • Physician Assistant
  • Physical Therapist
  • Speech-Language Pathologist
  • Veterinarian
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Frequently Asked Questions

What pre-professional majors does Columbia College offer?

Like most colleges, we don't offer many specific majors that guarantee entrance into professional programs. Instead, students have the freedom to select a major and minor that meets their needs, whether by fulfilling graduate school requirements or pursuing other interests. 

Some common majors for health care professionals like doctors, dentists, and pharmacists are Biology and Chemistry. Students interested in law school might choose to major in Political Science. In addition, students who decide to pursue an allied health profession (PT, OT, SLP) could major in Speech-Language Pathology or Exercise Science. 

Which courses do I need for graduate school?

Your eligibility for graduate and professional programs like medical school and law school partly depends on taking certain classes whilte you're an undergraduate. Our advisors can help you plan a course schedule that helps you reach your career goals. 

Required courses may vary between programs and universities. See the list below for helpful resources and directories:

How do I prepare for entrance exams?

Consult your desired school or program for information on which exams may be required, optional, or omitted. The good news is that a rigorous undergraduate program, like ours at Columbia College, is one of the best ways to get ready for admissions tests. 

You can prepare for specialized exams like the MCAT by enrolling in relevant courses and taking practice exams. For more support, seek out tutors, study groups, and exam guides.

Generalized exams like the GRE test skills such as critical thinking, writing, and data comprehension.

What are the application requirements for professional tracks?

Most graduate programs will consider some or all of the following:

  • Completion of required courses
  • Entrance exam performance
  • GPA
  • Interviews
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Internship experiences
  • Relevant research
How do I succeed as a pre-professional student?

We offer specialized advisors that can guide you through this process and help you develop a plan for your future.

As an undergraduate student, your greatest responsibility is monitoring the required classes within your desired graduate program and registering for entrance exams. We've ushered many students through this and our advisors will support you along the way. 

While not usually mandatory, it will benefit you to explore internships, research, or other pre-professional experiences. This is where it helps to have professors who know you and are plugged into their fields as well as the community. We can help you find important experiential learning opportunities. 

Kristin Wilson, Columbia College Graduate

Recent Placements

Our graduates go on to succeed in graduate school, in their careers, and in their communities. See where some recent graduates have landed after getting their bachelor's degree with us. 

  • Mercer University School of Pharmacy
  • Presbyterian College School of Pharmacy
  • Spalding University Occupational Therapy Graduate Program
  • USC School of Medicine (MD, PA, and PharmD)
  • University of Georgia Veterinary School
  • Tuskegee University Veterinary School
  • The Dental College of Georgia
  • Presbyterian College (PA and PharmD)
  • University of South Carolina School of Law
  • Boston University School of Law
  • Charleston School of Law

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"Columbia College prepared me for this next step not only academically, but also by giving me the tools to become a leader, a listener, and a collaborator—tools that will certainly serve me well in a legal career."

“The rigorous and interactive curriculum prepared me and the professors’ constant feedback and encouragement instilled in me the confidence needed to take on my Health Professions Graduate Program.”

"Columbia College provided me with unique experiences that heightened my knowledge and challenged my critical thinking skills. It’s rigorous courses, committed professors, and positive environment prepared me to thrive in a Health Professions Graduate Program.”

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